Empowering Marketers with AI-Driven Copy Optimization

Born from a team with a rich background in ML models and growth marketing, Causal is your tool for impactful copy. We understand that marketing teams are often too busy for tedious copy testing. That's where Causal steps in - automating and simplifying the process to dynamically generate, test, and optimize copy, elevating conversion rates effectively.

Causal liberates your team to focus on big-picture feature developments, automating the essential yet tedious task of copy testing. Our AI-powered solutions are not only easy to use but are designed to significantly amplify the growth your team is already driving.

Shift from copy drudgery to strategic creativity. Harness the power of AI optimized messaging.

At TripAdvisor, an optimization powerhouse, we learned crucial lessons in driving profitable growth through paid media. We understood the significant impact of A/B testing copy, and equally, the tedium it entailed. Causal emerges from this experience as your go-to tool for automated copy optimization, designed for paid marketing teams.

Introducing Causal: Transforming tedious copy testing into a streamlined, impactful process.

Our aim is to empower marketing teams, not just in crafting messages, but in making every word count. Causal is the answer to optimizing your paid campaigns, ensuring your messaging always hits the mark with your audience.

Our Founding Team


Co-Founder and VP Engineering

Christina Pawlikowski

Co-Founder and CEO

Jeff Palmucci

Co-Founder and CTO

Our Investors

Causal is backed by Pear, Founder Collective and 186 Ventures with notable angels including founders and executives from Tableau, Adobe and Flywire.

Why product dev
teams love Causal

“Causal makes it easy to make good decisions based on good data.”

Bade Adebayo
Staff Software Engineer, Summari

We had four A/B testing platforms—none of which met our needs—and I’ve been trying for years to unify them and solve our problems across our stack. We’ve started eliminating those other platforms and Causal has increased the velocity of our experimentation.”

Tony Deigh
Co-Founder & Chief Data Officer, Jobcase

Maximize Conversions with Effortless,
AI-Crafted Copy for Every Marketing Need

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